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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 6, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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in the five-day forecast. and the fbi arrest a daly city man. what investigators say motivated the attack. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. an attack on new year's prompts police to sound an alarm. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. a young woman deskriebs a frightening ordeal telling police she was grabbed by a stranger and dragged to the ground. paul chambers live in oakland just a few blocks from lake mary near where the attack happened. paul, you'll tell us what police are doing to try to solve the crime. >> that is correct, gasia. there are quite a few buildings in this area so police are looking at surveillance video and asking people did they hear anything that night. police say the attack happened around 8:30 news year's night in the 200 block of 17th street just a few blocks away from lake
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mary. the 19-year-old victim told police she was walk down the street when the male suspect appeared between two parked cars. he told the victim he had a gun before grabbing her. >> a complete stranger approached her, grabbed her and started pulling her in a direction that she did not want to go. unknown what his intentions were. >> people in the area say it's a safe place to live, and some are shocked to hear the news. >> 11:00, 10:00 at night, people is out walk their dogs. >> others say they know crime can happen anywhere and at any time, but it's best to keep your guard up. >> as a female, i always make sure and have somebody else with me. i don't walk anywhere that i'm unaware of the surroundings and always carry my mace on me just in case. >> he's an african american male in mid 20s to early 30s, 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 8 anduation 180 pounds. he was waefring a gray hooded parka and dark pants. he also smelled like cigarette smoke. police are asking people to use
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common sense when walking at night. >> try to walk with a group and try not to be distracted by any electronic device. >> now, police are also offering a reward of up to $5,000 for an arrest in this case. live in oakland, paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. >> more now from oakland. police say two men in a stolen suv hit a house in east oakland this morning. officers arrested the men still in the vehicle outside the home at 73rd and garfield avenue. no one was injured. the suv took out a traffic signal, a hydrant and a fence. for the people living inside the house, that crash came as a shock. >> i was asleep, and then all of a sudden i heard a big bang so, man, i didn't know if it was an earthquake, if jesus was coming back. i didn't know what was going on so it really woke me up out of my sleep, shook the whole house up. >> another vehicle hit the same property just a few months ago. it didn't hit the house but destroyed the fence there. across the bay in san francisco, a dump truck didn't quite make a turn, tipped over and lost his load. a truck appeared to be filled with construction debris.
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the parked pickup was in the wrong place at the wrong time. this all happened about 9:00 this morning near the intersection of 23rd and castro. those at the scene said the truck appeared to have lost its brakes, tried to make a sharn turn and ended up there on top of the pickup truck. shock and disbelief tonight from those who know a 43-year-old antioch man accused of kidnapping a 7-year-old girl at gunpoint. david douglas is being held in the contra costa county jail on $4 million bail. police say douglas followed the girl and her mother home from the wal-mart friday evening. investigators say douglas pull it had child into his car and threatened her mother with a gun. >> i think he must have took something and lost his mind temporarily because that's not him. i've talked to him. he's a nice guy. he's a father. >> antioch place say douglas is not a known sex offender. he was arrested and the girl was rescued at the antioch marina several hours after she was kidnapped. she's now at home with her family, and her mother told ktvu
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today she's doing okay. police in walnut creek say an elderly man was hospitalized today after being hit by a car after he was crying a street. it happened about 10:45. the driver reportedly stops and cooperated with police. the victim is at medical center. a police spokesman said he's about 70 years olds and expected to survive. the whereabouts of jahi mcmath are unknown tonight after the girl's family moved her from children's hospital oakland to an undisclosed facility where she's reportedly receiving ongoing care. john fowler with the latest in this tragic case. >> the crush of news crews is now gone from children's hospital oakland and so is jahi mcmath. doctors declared the 13-year-old dead more than three weeks ago after complications from routine surgery. a so-called evacuation team showed up with an ambulance just before 8:00 p.m. last night. >> i gave jahi a kiss on the forehead and told her i love her and i'd see you soon. >> at a press conference today,
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the family said they contacted five different facilities. finally one agreed to accept jahi. they won't say where. >> the people who made this happen, they were a catholic organization that believes in the right to life. >> three doctors agreed jahi is dead. the family demanded the hospital insert breathing and feeding tubes went to court and lost. though the judge did order her body remain on a ventilator. medical law professor david says that simply gave the family more time and says no significant precedent. >> this turns out not to be a closed case from a legal perspective or medical perspective, but i think that it will rez nate back into cases that are closer cases. >> he says a deerp tragedy may come later if this case persuades other families to refuse or delay organ donation. >> the next legal stop for this case will be in federal court tomorrow afternoon other questions of constitutional right for brain-dead patients and their families. john fowler ktvu channel 2 news.
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there's a new twist tonight in the case of saratoga teenager awe dree pott. she committed suicide in 2012 after an alleged sexual assault by three teenage boys. a lawyer for one of the teenage defendants in the wrong f death lawsuit has filed new legal papers. he claims the father of the late teenager cannot sue because he is not her buy logical father. no response yet from the pott family. house minority leader nancy pelosi delivered a message of support today. the congresswoman visited the china town campus. efforts from washington to cut back at school spending are false and it'll actually end up costing the nation more in the long run. >> nothing brings more money to the treasury, the public treasury than the education of the american people. >> her visit comes as fights for accreditation amid allegations of financial mismanagement. congresswoman pelosi said the federal government would be taking a hard look at the
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independent accreditation process and call it had proposed removal of accreditation quote highly unusual. the fbi says the man hearing voices is now behind bars for setting fire to the chinese consulate in san francisco. as david stevenson reports, officials say the man called police in daly city and admitted his involvement. >> the fbi today said 39-year-old of daly city is the figure seen setting the january 1st fire ton doorstep of the chinese consulate in san francisco. the federal criminal complaint alleges told investigators he targeted the chinese consulate because all the voices he had been hearing were in chinese and the chinese consulate had to have been involved. >> there are no indications at this time to suggest it was motivated by terrorism, politics or civil rights issues. >> federal investigators say consulate surveillance tape shows an individual with long black hair and a thin build approaching the building. investigating ajents say he told them he tried to burn his passport to ignite three containers filled with gasoline
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but resorted to a lighter instead. the criminal complaint says he called 911 on january 3rd and told daly city police through a chinese mandarin translater that he, quote, made the fire at the consulate. >> he called the daly city police department, advised them of what had occurred, and they, of course, responded very quickly. >> for myself. >> chinese officials said it's unclear whether fang previously visited or e-mailed the consulate but they applauded news of the arrest. >> i think it is good news for us. >> the fbi did not provide a booking photo described as a chinese national who was a permanent u.s. resident. he's scheduled to appear in federal court in san francisco tomorrow morning. in san francisco, david stevenson ktvu channel 2 fwluz. from the dakotas to new england, the mercury plum etted today and below-zero temperatures commanded attention. in north dakota where the windchill made the temperature feel as low as minus 50, drivers are being urged to carry winter
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survival kits. in indian ap lace indiana, the government declared a state of emergency. >> we'll continue to rely on the xhons and judgment of the people of indiana. if you can stay in today, stay in all day today. >> after a day of subzero temperatures, chicago public schools are set to be closed tomorrow and giving free fare cards to the homeless so they can ride out the weather on bus oh,s and trains. owl that know and ice had a predictable afblth on service throughout the nation. southwest stopped service in chicago. airport officials in the bay area tell us that that meant eight cancellations in san jose. 57 sanslations at sfo and 9 in oakland. men's wearhouse today raised its offer to buy joseph a. banks. the new bid is $1.61 billion made directly to shareholders. the new officer 4.5 pkts more than the previous one but comes with a deadline set to expire march 28th. the new bid signals new stage in takeover bid that began last
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year. federal authorities are expected to announce a billion settlement tomorrow with j. p. morgan chase over the madoff scandal. he was convicted of running an uponzi scheme. according to today's report, jpmorgan chase and its executives will avoid prosecution in the matter. wall street posted losses today. dow industrial losing 44 points. nasdaq off by 18. the losses were despite positive reports for fashg toir orders led by a surge in aircraft demand. i couldn't buy my husband anything for christmas. >> an inexplicable move by the unemployment department to stop a bay area woman's payments right before the holidays. how low is the water level in only reservoir? well, if i stood here a year ago, i'd be under water right now. how it's planning for a dry year. and right after the break, we're going to take a look at
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the long-range computer model and go looking for some of that much-needed rain.
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the u.s. senate this afternoon confirmed janet to head the federal reserve. sheel be the first woman to hold that post. the vote was 56-26 as the weather kept a number of senators from getting to washington. president obama selected her to take over from ben bernanke. she's been vice chair of the fed for four years now. yellen has focussed on reducing unemployment and has backed the fed's stimulus efforts. millions of americans remain shackled by unemployment despite a slowly-growing economy. we talked with one bay area woman today whose benefits ran out. tom vacar shows us how the loss has impacted her family. >> say hello to two month old
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jones. his mother is wondering why her employment check, $280 a week, stopped without notice. jones says since she was laid off this summer she's continuously looked for jobs but like so many others hasn't been able to find one even though she has an associate's degree in medical record keepg. for almost six months, no problems with the unemployment checks. >> then all of a sudden it just stopped. like, i know it was the holidays, but i was expecting it to come on that 24th. >> husband lee has a job and can't make up for the money she was making before. >> i want to be able to help my husband with the bills and, you know, and to help my son with getting food and my husband has had to go into savings. that's running out, too, because it's going to rent. >> that made the hol days rough. no christmas tree, no christmas lights, no nothing. >> i couldn't get him anything. i couldn't buy my husband anything for christmas. it was just, like, what do i do. >> jones doesn't know she's caught up in the employment development department's nagging
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software problems as tens of thousands of californians off from their benefits or the cutoff of federal extended unemployment benefits. >> i look at them like christmas. >> today the edd told ktvu they're looking into it. her message to whomever is responsible on behalf of everyone facing the cutoff. >> you're really going to let that really happen? what if that was your kid? what if that was your son or going out hungry? what would you do? >> whatever the source of the problem, for two month old isaiah jones, what's the difference? he is simply a victim. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. same-sex marriages are on hold in utah tonight after a ruling by the u.s. supreme court. the high court granted an emergency request from utah's attorney general to halt the marriages. more than 900 gay and lesbian couples have tied the knot since december 20th when a lower court ruling lifted utah's ban on such marriages. today's stay is in effect while the case works through the appeals process. new research suggests young
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people who suffer koun cushions heal faster in they give they brains a few days rest. children's hospital said that rushing back to school, computers and tvs actually slows down recovery. the study showed some activity was preferable to no activity at all, but to try to do too much too fast could double the time it took to return to normal after a concussion. research appears in the journal of pediatrics. stanford medical center today announced its received $90 million grant to study the causes of recuring cancers. that money will fund work for stem cell research. it's part of an international network of cancer researchers funded by a legacy from an american shipping and real estate magnet. daniel ludwick. researchers hope an understanding of stem cells may help one day eradicate cancers. the alarming lack of rain here in northern california has one community implementing voluntary water restrictions. rob ross shows us how dry it is and what resident haves to say about the cutbacks.
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>> here in calastoga, a town famous for its water, there's precious little of it right now. this is kimble reservoir, the only reservoir in town. normally by now all this would be full of water. that rock would be covered by over 5 feet of water. now, there's barely 15 feet there. >> to give you an idea how low the water table is, if i stood here a year ago, i'd be under water right now. the level came up to here. >> there's a white line. that's where we like to see it. >> what does that look like to you when you see that? >> it looks like an empty hole. >> that empty hole, he says, is supposed to supply half of the town's water supply, but the situation is not dire, at least not yet. it's one of many towns connected to the state water project, which still has enough such mri to get through this year, but another dry year after that could be bigger trouble. >> that would be a problem because if it's not raining here, it's not raining anywhere else in the state, and the
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state's water availability is, you know, pretty small right now as it is. >> asked its residents to voluntarily restrict their water usage. irrigation is limited. people should sweep their patios and walkways, not use water. >> we all need to conserve. it looks awful to see the hills that were lush and green all brown and burned. >> some of the other water agencies we called, including northern marin county, are advising customers to conserve on outdoor irrigation. natural pa and east bay mud say they have enough supply and are not yet considering asking for rationing right now, but some residents say good water management is crucial right now. >> uong it's a crisis, but we have to be smart. >> still the best news would be for this reservoir to start rising. rob ross ktvu channel 2 news. for weeks now our chief meteorologist bill martin has been searching for any sign of rain out there. again, you're seeing a faint glimmer? >> yeah.
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the clouds are there. look down here. we've got clouds coming in from the tropics. these clouds, if they were hooked up with a good jet stream would be giving us significant rain fall. you get a low that drops in, it would grab that and power it through. the tie namics with this jet stream, and this explains really what's going on all winter is up here. the tie namics are up in this area. the strength of the jet stream, which would squeeze the moisture out of those clouds. so a missed opportunity, if you will, for some significant rain fall as these clouds stream in overhead with nowhere to go. 52 walnut creek. 48 in fairfield right now. highs today were cooler than yesterday. highs tomorrow would be slightly cooler than today. these were today's highs. highs tomorrow will be slightly keerl than these. the forecast cloudy and cool tonight again like we had. i think the cloud cover keep it a little bit warmer. in places like santa rosa you'll find 32-degree reading, 34, 33. most of us will be mid 30s, upper 30s and low 40s, and a beautiful night out there. the winds are died down. there was wind yesterday.
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not as much wind today. high clouds overhead. under those clouds the winds are still blowing offshore. it's nice. cloudy, but the air is still flowing offshore so that ends tomorrow and when that air shifts around or when that wind under the clouds starts the surface winds starts to come on shore that'll usher in some fog and will also usher in this shm which could bring us a chance for light sprinkles as we head into thursday. so here we are. high pressure gives us light offshore winds at this surface and then this system comes down. when it does it's going to cool everybody off. the start of that today with the cloud cover. further cooling as we head into wednesday and thursday but not 50s, low 60s. not going to be in the upper 60s, low 70s like it had been. the computer model does this. here's the forecast. there's tuesday. here we come into wednesday. you can see the system here comes something. here comes wednesday afternoon. where's the rain? nothing. here comes thursday. watch this. see that? that's -- didn't do it right, did it? here it comes. there. the last model run had this rain fall all the way south.
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i suspect as we go flu -- through the day on thursday, we'll see shoirs as far south as santa rosa, but they'd be light and not a lot, not enough to make a dent in those reservoirs like rob was showing us in the north bay. when i come back tonight at 10:00 we will take a look at the latest model runs and try to figure out what's happen wg the five day. a mountain lion was spotted in a neighborhood last night. san mateo county emergency officials say the big cat was seen near willowbrook drive and alpine road about 9:30 p.m. near the windy hill open space reserve. if you come into contact with the mountain lion, doebt don't run. try to appear as large as possible. make noise and throw things at the animal to try to scare it. now more and more couples are living together. the figures on the ever-changing american family. excitement is building after the niners big win last night. see what would have to happen for the team to return to candlestick one more time. if you're aware from your tv, you can still watch ktvu
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so you made some bad decisions last night. make a good one this morning. get two biscuit sandwiches, with your choice of country grilled sausage, egg, and cheese, or bacon, egg, and cheese, both on my new southern style biscuits. you'll save some cash 'cause right now they're two for just three bucks. c'mon cody... let's get some breakfast. you drive. i traded the car for the tattoo. it's been called shotgun cohabitation. couples who decide to move in together when they become pregnant, and the feds now say it's become more common then
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what was once called shotgun marriages. according to cdc, 18% of single women who became pregnant from 2006 through 2010 opted to move in with their boyfriends before the child was born. during the same period, a bit more than 5% of single women chose to get married to their boyfriends after they became pregnant. fans of the san francisco 49ers may be coming down with a case of playoff fever. tickets are available for next sunday's game. if you want to see the niners take on the carolina panthers, stubhub has more than 5,000 tickets available starting at $140. the round trip flight could set you back another $1,000. there is a slim chance there could be one more game at candlestick if the niners win, and the saints beat the seahawks. >> they could. that'll be nieshgs but we don't want to jinx it, though. live one game at time. >> the niner game against the packers yesterday was the highest-rated wild card game in nfl history and the second-most-watched television event in the bay area during the past year second only to the 49ers appearance in the super
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bowl. if you don't make the trip, you can watch the niners' next playoff game on ktvu channel 2. our live pregame show from north carolina call it had road trip to championship begins at 8:30 a.m. right after mornings on 2. the fox pregame show is at 9:00 and kickoff is at 10:00 a.m.. the mystery of an unusual crop circle that appeared in monterey county has been solved. the circle resembled a computer chip and now santa clara chip maker admits it was a publicity stunt. inside the circle is no. 19 written in braille. that's because new k 1 chip for tablets and smart phones contains 192 computing for graphic mrishgss. it's unveiling the new chip at the con sierm electronics show in las vegas. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight an explosion damages a bay area home. fire investigators say they know what caused it, and it's something they haven't seen in years. keep in mind we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv
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welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >> today on "tmz" -- >> michael muhney, one of the on young and the restless." he was fired for allegedly groping a female cast member's breast at two occasions twice now. >> how do you do it twice now? once, shame on you, right? >> johnny manziel was in hollywood. he's a celebrity. >> who's gonna win the game, man? >> the best part for him, the chicks he got at the party. >> two hot chicks got in the s.u.v. with him. >> they're competing for him? >> it might be a package deal. >> katy perry, we got the backstage catering list for her


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